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Published: 29th December 2008
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Now you can set up and install AJAX Document Viewer on your server. You keep control of your documents. You control who accesses, shares or views your documents.

Here are some of the key features:

No need for installation of MS Office or Adobe Software

All reading, access and conversion of documents is done within the server resulting in no need for licenses for Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat or other softwares.

Not a Virtual Printer Based Converter

AJAX Document Viewer is not a virtual printer based server unlike other online document viewer software, which means no installation of a virtual printer on the server. A virtual printer based converter needs to spool the documents and queue all the documents for conversion resulting in a single document conversion at a time. AJAX Document Viewer is based on Multiple Tenancy Concept resulting in faster conversion rates and performance as multiple users can access the server at the same time and get various documents converted simultaneously.

Faster Conversion

AJAX Document Viewer is based on a Multiple Tenancy Concept and hence is significantly faster than other web based document viewer products with similar functions.

Conversion of documents to PDF

Documents can not only be converted to SWF but also to PDF, this offering your users not only the ability to view the documents in a web based environment but also to download the documents in PDF form.

Easy System Integration

AJAX Document Viewer Server provides easy system integration with web applications, content management systems, and other software. Integrate the server directly with your application and call Java Code directly from within your code. Easily embed your documents in web pages and publish them on the Internet.

Author Bio:

Mark Sheridan is a freelance software review writer specialized in reviewing online document viewer tools and he is also involved in developing many popular online software tools. For more information Visit: http://www.ajaxdocumentviewer.com/

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